Collaborate with the Photo Organizers
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Collaborate with the Photo Organizers

Photo Organizers cite the relationships they have with vendors, Sponsors and Corporate Members as one of the top benefits of their APPO membership. They continually seek out high quality products and services to help provide value to their clients. By collaborating with APPO you will gain increased visibility and opportunities within our growing membership and the thousands of clients they serve.

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Corporate Member: $450 annually

Join us as a corporate member of APPO and become part of the APPO community, sharing your wisdom and insight on APPO member-only forums and private social media pages. This level gives you all the benefits of APPO membership and marketing opportunities in our vendor forum.

APPO Endorsement Seal

The APPO Endorsement seal offers an added layer of credibility for your company with our members. The seal identifies partners who have an established track record within our community, and have met the highest standards of quality and service, determined by our membership.

Sponsors and Corporate members are evaluated by our membership community after basic requirements are met. Photo Organizers rate Companies through a member wide survey with a weighted scoring system. Companies are assessed based on product quality, ease of use, communication, training and support, consumer appeal and customer service. Partners who achieve a score of 80% or higher are awarded the APPO Endorsement Seal.



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