2019 national conference
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General Sessions & Marketplace

Crowd-pleasing topics and industry-specific training dominate the main stage during the General Sessions, Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon.  

Marketplace is a prominent feature during the General Sessions! We know you love to see new products, meet Vendors and Sponsors, learn about new tools for your business and discover new ways to increase your clients' enjoyment of their memory collections. Marketplace is conveniently located in our General Session room throughout the entire conference, and you’ll have several opportunities to see products and services through displays, product spotlights and one-on-one interaction with Vendors.

General Sessions: Topics & Speakers

Here is a sneak peek at some of our main stage topics. Visit this section often to see our growing list of topics and speakers. Learn more about our speakers here.

The Photograph as a Reflection of Life

Rinat Halon Neal

How do photographs reflect our lives? Indeed, what is the importance of photography in our everyday lives? This session discusses how a photograph tells our story, and how it can give us a different perspective as it reflects us and the people in our lives. We’ll discuss the secrets to understanding the story behind a photograph. *Sponsored by Millers Professional Imaging 

Secrets of Goal-Setting Rockstars

Lisa Corrado

Secrets of Goal-Setting Rockstars presents a fun and deliberate process of choosing the right goals, at the right time. It's all about setting yourself up for success. Proper goal setting is more than just coming up with a great idea — it's creating crystal-clear clarity, connecting with your core values, crafting strategies to navigate roadblocks, and learning how to prioritize. In part one of this two-part presentation, Lisa will take you through the process of selecting the goals that will elevate you and your business; setting the right goals at the right time; asking the most critical questions to gain clarity; and setting the stage for success and seeing it before it happens. In part two, you’ll apply this process to all of the new learning experienced at the conference. You will leave our information-rich event with the clarity of knowing what great new ideas to tackle first. You’ll craft an action plan that prioritizes your next steps, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Building a Brand House for Your Consulting Business

Rachel LaCour Niesen

Raise the roof! Building a brand is a LOT like building a house. You have to carefully craft a building plan before breaking ground, especially when you're working on a tight budget. Together we will learn how to build a brand that's the perfect size and shape for you and your ideal clients. We will tackle the concept of a brand house, how to offer multiple services under one brand, and, above all, show you how to create a business that deeply resonates with your target audience and helps them feel AT HOME with you.

Confident Pricing with Your Ideal Clients

Sherra Humphreys

Let’s get real about the uncomfortable stuff that you might just be avoiding while you continue to learn new & better ways to scan and organize photos. We’ll spend our time learning new ways to get comfortable with your pricing. With some mindset and language shifts you will be able to close the sale with confidence and increase your bottom line.

"On the Couch" with Cathi Nelson and Eileen Gittins, Founder + Exec Chairman, Blurb

Join us for this informative, inspirational and fun! session where your very own Cathi Nelson channels her best "Oprah" in discussion with Blurb's Founder, Eileen Gittins. You'll hear the real deal story of Blurb's humble beginnings, mistakes and wins along the way, plus actionable ideas for how to grow and scale your own businesses. (Hint: Eileen's really bing on "What will you do differently on Monday morning.") And we'll leave plenty of time for Q+A too!


Ready, Set, Scale! 


Not making enough money? During this presentation you'll hear Jill share how she was able to scale her business and create a 6-figure income using three important strategies; creating a clear vision for what a successful organizing firm looks like, a careful and ongoing assessment of the needs of the market, and the identification and development of key team members to cross train relevant skill sets. Jill will tell you how the mindset of thinking big will be one of the best ways you can create huge success as you grow your business, enjoying tremendous profits as a result. 


Business and Client Case Studies

Certified Photo Organizers


Want to learn more about your peers’ business practices or client projects? We feature various case studies interview-style, where we examine business models, client workflows, tools, and strategies followed by interactive “table talks.”



We proudly partner with top-quality sponsors and vendors, eager to support the emerging field of photo organizing with a Marketplace designed to showcase leading-edge products and services. Visit this page often to see our growing list of vendors and sponsors.

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