About APPO and The Photo Organizers
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APPO is a professional association dedicated to helping Personal Photo Organizers become successful small businesses.

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The Photo Organizers are professionals who help clients tell their stories with photos and videos.

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Our Mission

To create a community of small business owners who share a passion for telling people’s stories.

Our Values

Working with clients as a photo organizer is both personal and artful.

Our values anchor us to this unique and sensitive process of helping people create projects that enable them to preserve their best memories.


Cultivate a spirit of playfulness, community, and dedication to the meaning of the work and the immeasurably positive value it has for clients.


Strive to improve the quality of services and maintain a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, trust, and sound business judgment.


Treat everyone with utmost respect and courtesy, since we as human beings are more alike than we are different.


Represent the organizing profession by speaking and acting with accuracy, integrity, competency, and objectivity.
Our Story

The history of the photo organizers.

In 2007, Cathi Nelson had her lightbulb moment when her friend offered to pay her to help make sense of her photo collection.
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Our Team

The band behind the brilliance.

Our team of support staff and volunteers are second to none and help keep the wheels turning and the engine humming.
Our Team

We’re a community of Personal Photo Organizers who share a passion for telling people’s stories.

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