Speaker Agreement and Compensation

Speaker Agreement and Compensation

By submitting a speaker proposal to APPO you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions for speaking at the APPO National Conference.


Honorariums are provided per session. If you are choosing to co-present then honorariums will be payable to the primary speaker for distribution to co-presenters.

Breakout Session: 90 minutes - $250
General Session: 30-60 minutes - $100 - $200

Compensation is provided as a flat fee. All conference expenses including conference registration, travel, hotel and food and beverage are the responsibility of the speaker. Fees will be paid by check via mail, immediately following the conference to the address provided in the speaker application.

You may submit and teach more than one topic if desired, and will be compensated for each topic.

Speaker Agreement

  1. I understand that the submission of my proposal implies a commitment to present if my proposal is accepted.

  2. I understand my presentation may be recorded or video taped for later use by APPO.

  3. I understand that I will be photographed during my presentation and that my photo may be used for promotional purposes by APPO.

  4. All information presented in my workshop and/or handout materials will be my own original work or I will obtain the author’s permission in writing, to reproduce their material.  I will display copyright attribution in my presentation and handouts.

  5. I understand the I am responsible for my own travel, hotel and conference expenses including food and beverage and conference registration fees.

  6. I understand that this is an educational conference and will avoid any direct marketing of programs, services or products unless it is relevant to my presentation.


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