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APPO Certified

Benefits of Certification

APPO-Certified Photo Organizer have that extra edge that comes with successfully completing our inclusive and challenging curriculum.
Our Curriculum
APPO certification is available to members only and contains five self-paced study modules, each with a review quiz. The material is downloaded online and quizzes are taken online as well. There is no in-person exam or classroom study.
To complete certification, members must have at least 20 hours of documented hands-on client work and two positive client testimonials.
Certification fee: $100 USD


The Photo Organizers

Getting Started
This module introduces you to the dynamics behind an association and the services offered by photo organizers. You will learn about certification requirements, code of ethicss, an overview of client needs, and how to match services and products.


Business 101

Running Your Own Photo Organizing Business
This module describes how to et up your business for success. You'll learn about accounting, pricing your services, collecting payments, and presentation of your business.


Marketing and Sales

Finding and attracting clients are crucial ongoing activities for maintaining and growing a healthy business. This module


Working with Clients

Relationships, Needs, and Project Management
Building relationships and effectively managing projects will ensure that your clients are satisfied and will return to you for additional services over time. This module provides many ways to create relationships built on trust and respect, as well as tips for day-to-day management of your projects.


The ABC's of Photo Organizing

The Basics Every Photo Organizer Needs to Know
This module provides best practices on how to work with clients and basic guidlines for photo organizing.
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