How To Pay Membership Dues and Event Invoices

APPO's Automated Billing System

For your convenience your membership fees are set up on auto-billing with the credit card you used during registration, or the first time you renewed your membership. See our membership terms for full details.

How to Pay Outstanding Dues or Event Invoices

In some cases our system is unable to process your auto-billing or event installments due to a change in your credit card information or insufficient funds. When this happens, you will receive an auto generated notification that your transaction failed, and you will have a limited amount of time to log in and pay your invoice. Invoices can be found under invoices beside your profile name. A red notification will alert you.

How to Pay When You Can't Log In

If several days have passed and you are unable to log in, you will be prompted at that time to pay any outstanding invoices. See below for instructions.

Update Your CC Info, Cancel Auto-billing or Print Invoices

If your card number or expiration date changes, it's important for you to update your next auto-payment before billing occurs. See instructions below for updating your CC information.

If you wish to change your membership level then you can disable your next auto-billing. When your membership becomes due, you will be prompted by an auto generated email reminding you that it's time to renew. During renewal you can change your membership level. See instructions below to cancel your auto billing.





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