2015 APPO National Conference: General Sessions

APPO National Conference | April 8- 11, 2015
The Caribe Royale | Orlando, Florida

General Sessions

Crowd pleasing topics and industry specific training will dominate the main stage during our general sessions and conclude with a hands on, interactive session that will equip you with a "ready to execute” plan BEFORE you head home.

Thursday Evening: Welcome Reception

All the Pictures of My Life with Me All the Time
As an added bonus, renowned professional photographer Tamara Lackey, is joining us as our guest speaker during our public event and Expo. She will share her tips and advice on how Mylio saved her photo life! Learn how Tamara and her son can now scan through thousands of photos and pick just the one she needs in less than half the time than it once took.

Friday Morning

Founders Message
Cathi Nelson will officially open our conference with her insights about our growing industry along with a look ahead to Save Your Photos Day 2015.

SHED: Managing Change and Transition
SHED is a practical framework for proactively managing change, transition and the feeling of being unstuck and unsure. Julie guides audiences through the tangible process of letting go of the obsolete in their spaces, schedules and behavior to make room for new experiences, self-discovery and healthy growth.

Show Me The Money! Money Mindset & Pricing Strategies
It's time to talk money! So many business owners bury their heads in the sand when it comes to money and pricing. In order to be profitable in business, you must overcome money mindset issues so that you value your services and charge what you are worth, develop and implement an effective pricing strategy, and make sure that it is a good match for your business model, market and income needs. Learn how to overcome price objections, and figure out whether to engage in bartering, discounts and pro bono offerings. Discover how to implement policies, such as deposits and retainers, which may help you stop leaving money on the table. If you want to know about all things money, this is the session for you!

Know Your Numbers
Dawn Brolin
is not your ordinary accountant. She is a high energy, person centered, Gaga blaring, rockstar that delivers and conquers the numbers end of your business. Her Team’s motto is that people leave better than we found them! Not only will she stand true to that philosophy but also she’ll go out of her way to make YOU comfortable with YOUR numbers. PLUS, get ready for some FUN along the way, yes… TEAM BROLIN LOVES ACCOUNTING!


Saturday Lunch

Take Better Photos
Bring your camera to lunch, as our favorite professional photographer Nick Kelsh shares some fun photo tips during Saturday’s plated luncheon.


Saturday Afternoon

Digital Photo Organizing for Photo Organizers
Lisa Kurtz, APPO’s Director of Operations and Training, will take the stage to help relieve some of the fear and anxiety that many photo organizers feel about Digital Photo Organizing. Her goal is to help you discover the right tools and work flows to better serve your clients, by drawing on the collective wisdom of our APPO community.

‘Ask a Photo Organizer’ Panel
We’re gathering the best of the best to sit on our panel this year, to address the most commonly asked questions by photo organizers. A popular segment at our first conference, we’re bringing this back by popular request. So get your questions ready!

Strategic Planning Session

We will wrap up the conference on Saturday afternoon with a strategy session led by Coach Jenn Lee, and others, so you can create a ready to execute action plan. This will be your time to ask questions, brainstorm and make a plan. Our goal is to ensure you leave with a plan in place so you’re ready to leverage the skills, ideas and energy you bring home from Conference.

We’re a community of Personal Photo Organizers who share a passion for telling people’s stories.

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