Intensive III - Masterclass
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Intensive III - Masterclass

Facilitator: Jane Pollak

Join your contemporaries for this exclusive, advanced Masterclass. Limited to 15 participants, this select group of members will spend two full days in the Presidential Suite surrounded by ‘experience-matched’ colleagues determined through an application process.

This class is a high-level, peer-to-peer learning session designed exclusively for APPO Members whose business focus is professional photo organizing. Participants will brainstorm best practices and work on pressing challenges with their peers. Through roundtable discussions and interactive exercises led by a skilled facilitator, you’ll collaborate and explore skill and business concepts based on topics predetermined by the group. You’ll start new relationships with other successful members and leave with cutting-edge insights and strategies to grow your business, keep your competitive advantage and reduce complexity.

Masterclass prerequisites:

  • APPO Certified

  • APPO member in good standing

  • Minimum 2 years of professional photo organizing experience or equivalent

  • Application*

  • ½ hour coaching call with Jane before Conference**

*Potential participants must submit an application for acceptance into this class
**Coaching calls ensure that members needs and expectations for the Masterclass are understood

The Application Process

During registration, select Intensive III - Masterclass. Once we receive your registration, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions for completing your application. You will be notified once we reach our maximum of 15, or no later than September 15th, if your application is accepted. Applicants are evaluated based on their experience level, business goals, and skill level. We strive to create a group equally matched with diverse areas of expertise. If your application is not accepted, you may choose another Intensive or receive a full refund. We will reserve spots in the other two intensives in the event your application is not accepted. 

Facilitator’s Role

Jane will be using her skills as a facilitator to ensure that each participant has a voice, individual and group needs addressed, equal time given, naysayers are redirected, and a high level of professionalism maintained. Her role is to create a collaborative environment where participants teach each other based on the group's shared and individual goals while keeping the team on track.

Meet Jane:
Jane Pollak is one of the northeast’s foremost coaches of entrepreneurial women and a living example of how to turn a passion into a thriving business. A nationally recognized speaker, certified coach, author, blogger and lifestyle entrepreneur with over 30 years of business experience, Jane loves sharing inspirational, yet practical, lessons with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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