Intensive II - Business Foundations: The APPO Success Cycle
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Intensive II - Business Foundations: The APPO Success Cycle

Trainer: Jill Yesko

Join Certified Photo Organizer Jill Yesko for this 12-hour business-boosting workshop where you will discover and explore the APPO Success Cycle. This Intensive is suitable for beginner to intermediate-level professionals who want to develop a cycle of business activities that help you attract and retain clients, master productivity, organize and onboard customers (and employees) and grow your bottom line. As a successful business owner since 2003, Jill has developed a time-tested success cycle that has become the foundation for her professional success. She’ll provide expert tips, examples of her work and practical applications from her experiences that you can implement DURING the conference to help you maximize your learning objectives and customize your professional development experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Find out how to market, attract and retain clients, and remain compliant while protecting your business

  • Sharpen presentation skills and learn how to prepare for any client regardless of the scope of the project

  • Master productivity through daily and weekly scheduling while maximizing customer service

  • Improve organizational strategies for your office, your team (or future team) and clients while increasing your bottom line profit.

Meet Jill:
Jill Yesko is a Certified Professional Organizer and President of Discover Organizing Inc., headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Before starting her company in 2003, Jill was a Human Resources Director, and way before that, she was a highly underpaid (but happy) social worker. She is the extremely proud (and single) mother of two very smart kids. Jill employs a team of experienced, professional organizers who help people organize, downsize, and manage their time, photos, possessions and productivity at home and in the office.

In addition to being a Certified Professional Organizer, she is also a Certified Personal Photo Organizer. Jill is an active member of NAIPC, NAPO, NASMM, and APPO. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and gives presentations to national conferences for multiple associations, as well as local presentations in Pittsburgh to various companies and groups. In other words, Jill doesn’t sleep.

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