2016 APPO National Conference: Short Courses
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Short Courses
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Short Courses: $149

NEW! Eager for some in depth education? Expand your knowledge by taking an ‘optional’ Short Course on Thursday afternoon before conference begins. This a`la carte option is new this year and ideal for anyone wishing to dig a little deeper into a specific area of interest in a small group environment.

Short Courses run from 1:30 - 4:30 pm and are led by subject matter experts. A course of your choice can be added to your Conference or your Intensive for the ultimate learning experience.

You can purchase a Short Course at the time of registration or prior to Conference. Seating is limited and subject to availability.

Short Courses are also available as a stand alone option for anyone wishing to attend locally. If you are attending a short course but not our full conference, this ticket will allow you access to our evening Expo and Welcome reception. Come and meet the Photo Organizers and our Sponsors and Exhibitors. Includes light refreshments.

Courses require a minimum class size of 5 participants. If class size falls below 5, the course may be cancelled.

Choose one of the following:

Going to Market for Fun and Profit!
Trainer: Brett Weiss

Building your business can be fun and affordable - if you know how. You will leave this session with real knowledge that you can use to earn more money in your business next week! During this insightful class, Brett will cover three primary areas that will help you quickly add customers and revenue so you see an immediate return on your investment as a result of this course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify your ideal customer demographic and where to find them in your area
  • Learn about offers that will inspire action and bring instant revenue, sometimes months before your appointment
  • Discover different ways to go to market, including event marketing, referral marketing and small-group marketing
  • Understand how a slight change of perspective can make sales and marketing much easier and more fun than you ever dreamed

Experience Level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Marketing and Sales


Utilizing Lightroom to Organize Your Client’s Photos
Trainer: Chris Southard

During this workshop you will see a demonstration of organizing a client's photos. You will gain a basic understanding of Lightroom and its powerful interface by watching Chris walk through a typical client’s workflow from beginning to end.

Learning Objectives:

  • Importing folders and images
  • Creating a new folder structure, renaming photos and folders, adding keywords and face tag, adding metadata
  • Using Collections and Smart Collections
  • Learning methods for getting organized photos out of Lightroom and to your clients
  • Understanding integration options with Mylio and Forever as well as other online services
  • Organizing workflow for greater efficiency
  • Exploring the Develop module to crop, adjust, correct, retouch, and apply effects to your images
  • Examining how the Print Module is used to create books and other printed items

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Skill Development


Click with Nick Photo Discovery Workshop
Photographer: Nick Kelsh

Whether you have an inexpensive digital camera that fits in your pocket, or you’ve spent a bundle on the latest digital gear, Nick will help you make simple moments stunning, to compose like a pro, understand light and tame all of those dials and buttons at your fingertips.

During this workshop, Nick will demystify the "Photographic Big Three” that have been driving amateurs crazy for decades AND make the presentation interesting and FUN. This course includes in-class learning followed by a local "walk-about” to try out your new or improved photography skills. Grab your camera and join him!

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Special Interest

The Most Incredible 3 Hour Online Marketing Session You Will Ever Attend
Trainer: Jace Vernon

Why does online marketing work for some, yet others just seem to waste time and money? Where do you start? Which social platforms offer you the greatest return on your invested time? What  really works and how can you get the fastest results? How do you take your online marketing efforts from "how” to "WOW”?

This 3 hour workshop will begin with a simple website set up and the importance of SEO and evolve into a full-blown marketing campaign from start to finish. We’ll explore dozens of tips, tricks, and hacks that you can take home and implement immediately.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn a simple website setup
  • Understand SEO (search engine optimization)
  • How to reach your audience through email marketing
  • Understand the "in’s and out’s” of Facebook ads and Video ads and Pay-per-click
  • Learn how to leverage Pinterest and other social platforms

Experience level: Intermediate
Category: Marketing and Sales


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