2016 APPO National Conference: Breakouts
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APPO’s 2016 workshops feature a wide range of timely, relevant topics led by your photo organizing peers and industry professionals. Customize your learning experience by choosing sessions that speak to the greatest need in your business. These interactive, classroom-style workshops are 90 minutes long with hands on learning and/or Q&A.

Can’t decide? You won’t miss a thing! Each session will be audio recorded and available to all attendees post conference.

*Breakouts choices will be made at Conference and are available on a first come basis based on room capacity.


How Scantastic! Options For Scanning Movie Film and Video Tapes to Bring Them Into Your Digital Life

Rhonda Vigeant

Assisting our clients in moving film and tape from its original analog state into our digital world can be daunting. There are many variables to consider. These include the condition of the original material, preferred method of playback, how the files will be edited and shared, and how the material is framed to best fit our widescreen monitors. We want to learn best practices for backing up moving images and what we need to consider when selecting how much digital space we want. Scanning Technology is in the constant state of evolution. In this presentation we will look at new trends in scanning technology that will influence what we advise our clients so they can make an educated decision that best fits their personal archiving goals and objectives.

Bring out the Best in your Digital Photos; Choosing the Right Software
Julie Smith

Are you looking for simple ways to enhance your client’s scanned or digital images? Does "color correction” leave you weak in the knees? This workshop will explore various software solutions available to color correct and enhance photos and slides, so you can produce the highest quality product for your clients. Julie will review and compare a variety of software solutions including some FREE options with brief demonstrations of each to illustrate important differences.

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Skill Development

Think Visually: Understanding the Elements and Principles of Design to Create Dynamic Photobooks
Isabelle Dervaux

Artists, photographers, art directors, designers, and stylists all know the principles of design that they apply everyday in their work. As a photo organizer, your clients may ask you to design photo albums after you sort through their archives. Collecting and selecting the material is only half the battle. Isabelle will teach you what you need to know to create clean and beautiful photo albums that will delight your clients even if you didn’t go to art school.

During this interactive workshop, she’ll bring her thirty years of experience in the publishing industry as well as her background as Parsons School of Design professor to help you understand the foundations of design so you can develop your creative eye.

She will teach you how to quickly assess what makes an individual image strong and how to arrange series together in an unified way to craft your client’s story. You’ll play with all sort of pictures as well as deconstruct and analyze what makes them work. You’ll go back to basics and draw, cut and paste with old fashion scissors and glue for hands-on exercises away from any screens. By putting what you learn into practice, you'll be able tackle bigger and more diverse projects in any digital form.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the main elements of design (lines, shape, form, color, texture…)
  • Use the most important principles of design (symmetry, balance, contrast, hierarchy…)
  • Create the best composition to guide the viewer’s eye through each image and make the book or slideshow come alive

Experience level: Intermediate
Category: Skill development


Working with Water Damaged Photos
Kathy Stone

This session will provide participants with an in-depth look at what is involved in working with photos, negatives and slides that have been in contact with water from accidental spillage, floods and other disasters. At the end of the presentation, they should be able to describe the business considerations, safety issues and the process to used to clean water damaged photos.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand factors to consider before accepting a job cleaning water damaged photos
  • Identify the materials needed for cleaning water damaged photos
  • Describe the steps involved in analyzing the work to be done to clean water damaged photos
  • Describe the steps involved in cleaning water damaged photos
  • Identify safety considerations involved in cleaning water damaged photos

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Skill Development

Important Marketing Partners; Your Clients
Beth Gibson Lilja

This presentation will focus on the relationships with and the management of; new and existing customers, clients and projects and how these relationships contribute to your overall business marketing plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the difference between a customer relationship and a client relationship
  • Examine key elements for an effective "customer relationship” workflow
  • Explore and develop a "client relationship” workflow
  • Learn how to leverage client relationships to enrich your business marketing plan

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Client Management, Marketing and Sales

Setting Up Shop or Expanding Business Operations
Deena Coutant

Are you struggling with these questions; What legal filings are necessary for me to start business? Should I set up as a Sole Proprietor or LLC? What type of Insurance will help protect my business? How do I handle employees or sub-contractors? Whether you are setting up shop or expanding your business, navigating the world of legal compliance can be daunting. During this session, Deena will provide an overview on setting up for success, legal filings, financial matters, insurance coverage and other considerations. Attendees will explore a variety of subjects as they explore the process for setting up or expanding their business.

Learning objectives:

  • List which legal filings are likely required in their state of residence
  • Understand what types of insurance coverage may be necessary to protect their business and personal assets from loss
  • Determine whether hiring an employee or independent contractor is right for their business

*This presentation is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal or accounting advice. You should consult an attorney or accountant in your state

Experience level: suitable for all levels
Category: Business Management

Organizing Digital Photos on PC’s Photo Gallery
Molly Bullard

Are you a MAC user who feels a limited intimidated by your clients’ PC operating system? Do you have clients who prefer to use their FREE ‘native’ photo organizing program on their operating system? Whether you and your clients are using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, we all just want to be able to find a photo when we need to. During this session Molly will provide an overview of the Windows operating system and guide you through organizing your files in folders, adding keywords/tags, and using Windows Photo Gallery for facial recognition and basic photo editing.

Category: Skill development
Experience level: Suitable for all levels

Organizing Digital Photos on MAC’s Photos
Molly Bullard

Are you a PC user who feels a little intimidated by your clients’ MAC operating system? Do you have clients who prefer to use their FREE "native" photo organizing program on their operating system? During this session Molly will provide an overview of the Mac operating system and guide you step-by-step through the new Apple "Photos" program. She will explain the differences between the old iPhoto program and "Photos", and show you how your clients can organize their photo library to find what they're looking for and answer your specific questions.

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Skill development

Earn An Income Scanning Photos
Rick Lippert and Nancy Sherman

Are you considering an investment in a Kodak High Speed Scanner? Is your current scanner sitting idle? Rick Lippert from E-Z Photo Scan has scanned hundreds of thousands of photographs and other documents for his clients and knows the income potential for these services. During this session you’ll explore Kodak’s "workhorse” the PS80 and PS50 (and other gems) and how to increase your revenue and find new clients. We’ll explore efficient workflows that help you speed up the process and various pricing models to consider for increased profitability. This workshop is ideal for those considering a scanner purchase or for those who are getting started.

Experience: Suitable for all levels
Category: Marketing and Sales, Skill development



The Wheel Of Life: Creating Harmony in Business and Life
Jane Pollak

Do you have a hard time finding the balance between work and life? During this session Jane will guide participants through the "Wheel of Life” to help you gain a wider perspective on the "what and why” in your professional life. She’ll show you how to assess and explore your business goals with measuring "tools” designed to help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess your business as it fits into your whole life
  • Make decisions about where to spend your valuable energy

  • Commit to focusing on specific goals within each area of your life (health, family/friends, spiritual growth, financial, physical environment, etc.)
  • Bring into focus the balance you’re enjoying or aspire to 

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Business Management


The Mechanics of Photo Organizing in FOREVER
Shelley Murray

Join Forever Executive Sales Director, Shelley Murray, as she demonstrates how to use FOREVER to organize, share and permanently preserve your client’s photos. During this session, Shelley will show you the possibilities of using FOREVER as your primary organizational tool when working with a client. You will be pleased to learn that you can do all of this client work remotely. Shelley will share ideas about how to structure and organize your clients’ photos to match the way you have organized their printed photos: by date, person, theme or event. She’ll show you how easy it is to edit the metadata of each photo, to bulk tag and bulk date scanned photos and to create albums for easy sharing. In addition to all of this, you will learn how to create a great family photo-sharing plan right in FOREVER, so your clients’ families can have access to the photos that you have worked hard to preserve. Shelley will also give you a peek at the FOREVER apps and talk about in app organizing and sharing. Your clients will be impressed when you show them that they can access their entire photo library from any device - anywhere, anytime. This session will be packed with ideas and tips on how you can use all the tools in FOREVER to organize, preserve, and share your client’s photos.

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Skill Development

Reeling in the Big Fish for your Photo Organizing Business
Julie Morris

Are you casting a wide net only to reel in lots of little fish? It’s time to move up the food chain! Get ready to find those big-spending clients with easy access to cash and excess budgets for the sake of your business, your career and your sanity! Most Business owners want these clients but either don’t know how to attract them or they don’t think they’re ‘good enough’ for these high value prospects. During this session, Julie Morris will share her secrets and strategies for finding, landing and retaining high-paying clients. Join her for this hands-on session where she’ll help you identify and leverage what you do well and how to market yourself to high-paying clients.

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Marketing and Sale


Marketing Photo Organizing Services to Senior Living Communities
Jenny Larson

Are you interested in marketing your photo organizing services to the senior living community? For the past 2 years, Jenny Larson has run a series of successful workshops at an independent living senior community. Running senior workshops is a truly rewarding experience but presents unique challenges to photo organizers. During this breakout you learn everything you need to run successful workshops for seniors.

Topics covered include:

  • Is working with seniors and their photos right for you?
  • How to find the right senior community and pitch your ideas
  • Potential workshop topics you might offer
  • Kickoff workshops that include families of seniors
  • Running a successful workshop
  • Tips from an Activities Director
  • Mistakes to avoid along the way

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Marketing and Sales, Skill Development

Meet Mylio — Learning Mylio from the Ground Up
Nancy Carr

This is the perfect introduction for members who are new to APPO and Mylio. Take a guided tour of the software and learn how to set up your own Mylio account.

Experience level: Suitable for all levels
Category: Skill Development



Next Steps — Mylio for the Experienced User
Raiza Abubukar

Get in-depth training on advanced features of Mylio including sync policies, remote organizing, and our affiliate certification program.

Experience level: Intermediate to Advanced
Category: Skill Development

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