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Save Your Photos Month

Save Your Photos Month

The Save Your Photos initiative is a public service outreach campaign developed by The Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO) to teach individuals how they can preserve life’s irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents, in the event of unforeseen accident or disaster.

Every year during the month of September, photo organizers, companies, and retailers work together to raise awareness and educate the public about the benefits of safeguarding their photos. Participation ranges from social media sharing, online classes, local presentations, weekend retreats and community scanning events. This month-long initiative culminates on the last Saturday of September known as International Save Your Photos Day.

Watch this video to learn more about Save Your Photos Month

Get Involved

Your participation is a great way to increase your professional visibility in your local and online communities. We encourage 100% participation from our member community which can be as simple as taking the pledge and spreading the word. Want to play a larger role? Consider hosting an event or volunteering as a helper or speaker at an event in your area. Take a moment to review various ways you can participate and choose the options that are right for you.

Take the Pledge

Does your own photo collection need a little tender loving care? Use this campaign as a way for you to commit and focus on your own photos. Take the pledge at After taking the pledge you will receive an email with a badge that you can use to promote your commitment. Change your Facebook or Twitter avatar to reflect your commitment.

Beginning in August, you will receive weekly countdown emails that will help you prepare for September. In September, we’ll send a daily photo organizing tip designed to inspire and guide you through the process.

Invite Others to Take the Pledge

Promote and share the opportunity to ‘take the pledge’ with your clients, family, friends, and acquaintances. We’ve provided social media banners and cards in the file library below, that you can use on various social media platforms. Post frequently during May, June, and July and invite your communities to take the pledge by providing the link to

Social Media

Follow our social media channels and make a commitment to re-post and share our blog, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook posts to your online community. Create some space in your editorial calendar for September, to re-post our daily tips. We’ve got your content covered that month so you can take a ‘content creation’ break in September.

Follow us now:

Host an Event

Organize an event on Save Your Photos Day or any other day during September. Local events in your community are a great way to gather people together for a common purpose while positioning you as an expert. You could partner with other photo organizers and local businesses to help increase your reach while sharing the workload. We have provided an event kit in the file library below which contains an event guide to give you ideas about the type of events you could offer.

Your Event Kit contains:

  • A ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation in two sizes (4:3 and 16:9) complete with presentation notes. You’ll be able to alter text and add your own branding to this power point.

  • A PowerPoint template with SYP branding for you to create your own presentation, in two sizes (4:3 and 16:9). Want more flexibility with your presentation? Use our presentation for inspiration and create your own presentation with your own photos and agenda.

  • An Event Guide offering you tips and resources for organizing your event complete with a checklist.

  • A Save Your Photos Month Fact sheet to share with local press, businesses, and potential event supporters.

  • A press release to help you promote your event locally.

We help you promote your event by listing your location details in our event directory at Details for registering your event are included in your event guide.


It takes a village to create the kind of impact we want to have with Save Your Photos Month, and we appreciate the support of our volunteers.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Write a blog - contact Jackie Lyals at

  • Offer your help at a local event. Visit the event directory to find a location near you. Event organizers may need help with registration, additional speakers or general help the day of the event.

Our Sponsors

We appreciate the financial support of the following companies and organizations who believe in our mission to educate the public about the importance of safeguarding their precious memories.


2016 Save Your Photos Logos

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Save_your_photos-horizontal.eps EPS (1.69 MB) Administration 6/6/2016
Save_your_photos-horizontal.png PNG (153.72 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
SAVE_YOUR_PHOTOS_stacked..eps EPS (3.5 MB) Administration 6/6/2016
SAVE_YOUR_PHOTOS_stacked..png PNG (239.12 KB) Administration 6/6/2016

2016 Save Your Photos Month Event Kit

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Event Guide.pdf PDF (944.02 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
2016-SYPD Presentation WIDE.pptx PPTX (19.38 MB) Administration 8/11/2016
2016 SYPD Presentation.pptx PPTX (10.09 MB) Administration 8/11/2016
2016 SYPD Presentation Wide-Blank.pptx PPTX (62.31 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
2016 SYPD Presentation-BLANK.pptx PPTX (52.41 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
2016 SYPD Presentation Notes.pdf PDF (14.09 MB) Administration 8/11/2016
2016 SYPD Press Release DOCX (263.02 KB)  more ] Administration 6/6/2016

2016 Save Your Photos Month Social Media

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SYPM Facebook Cover.png PNG (278.46 KB)  more ] Administration 6/6/2016
SYPM FB Promotional cover.png PNG (280.46 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
SYPM Facebook post.png PNG (625.78 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
SYPM Instagram Post.png PNG (957.39 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
SYPM Basic Social media post.png PNG (567.19 KB) Administration 6/6/2016
SYPM Pinterest.png PNG (660.96 KB) Administration 6/6/2016

2016 SYPM Sample Flyers and Promo Material

More InfoHide Info ]
Feel free to add your Save Your Photos Day flyer or promo material to share with others. This section contains current and previous year submissions from our member community.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SYPD Library Press Release DOCX (254.73 KB) C. Osborne 8/10/2016
2016 SYPD Press Release DRAFT DOCX (7.53 KB)  more ] D. DeMorrow 7/26/2016
SYPD 2015 Event Planning PDF (117.98 KB)  more ] M. Morrison 6/19/2016
SYPD 2015 Press Release PDF (413.54 KB) M. Morrison 6/19/2016
SYPD 2015 Post card back JPG (3.7 MB) M. Morrison 6/19/2016
SYPD 2015 Post card front JPG (4.02 MB) M. Morrison 6/19/2016
SYPD Poster #2 PDF (5.85 MB)  more ] D. Benbow 9/19/2014
SYPD Poster PDF (3.88 MB)  more ] D. Benbow 9/19/2014
Postcard to promote event JPG (864.9 KB) D. Merriott 9/18/2014
Photo Rescue Resources in pdf format PDF (268.2 KB) D. Benbow 9/18/2014
Flyer for Plano TX location PDF (1.56 MB)  more ] S. Thornton 9/18/2014
Photo Rescue Resources DOCX (187.59 KB) D. Benbow 9/17/2014
Sample web flyer by Diana Uricchio Link  more ] Administration 8/11/2014

Past Events: Community Scanning Event

More InfoHide Info ]
This section contains information to support a community scanning event, compliments of EZ Photo Scan. They have been holding these events successfully for years and have perfected a system.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Scanning event instruction Link  more ] Administration 8/14/2014

Past Events: SYPD Presentation Tips

More InfoHide Info ]
This is a collection of tools to help you hold a successful event.
Item Name Posted By Date Posted
SYPD contact cards DOC (243 KB) Administration 9/23/2014
5 Tips to Have a Successful SYPD Event Link  more ] Administration 8/14/2014
SYPD Presentation: Cathi Nelson Link  more ] Administration 8/14/2014
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