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MAM-A Inc.

About us
MAM-A's Archive Grade DVDs and CDs help you and your business archive and share files with your customers. We offer MAM-A branded products, or can custom print discs for your company. Make sure you use only the best discs available, as all DVDs & CDs are not created equal. MAM-A is the leader in 24 karat Gold Archive discs, engineered to preserve irreplaceable digital content for customers around the world. Visit our website or contact our Sales Dept directly.

Member Benefits

If you want to ensure that your most priceless photographs, videos and other digital keepsakes last for generations to come, don't trust archiving them to anything less than 24 karat Gold Archive DVDs & CDs.  MAM-A is "The Gold Standard".  MAM-A gold DVDs and CDs have a characteristic gold color.  The combination of dye and pure 24 karat gold provide superior longevity and the highest quality, professional Archive Grade recordable media available.  The 24 karat gold reflective layer prevents corrosion over time, resulting in a century of permanent storage.  Image permanence for DVDs & CDs is an area not well known or understood by the general consumer, nor by many photo labs.  At MAM-A, we are proud to provide products and services "Designed to Last”. 

MAM-A offers a 5% discount to APPO members for MAM-A brand Archive Gold CD-R, and MAM-A brand Archive Gold or Gold+Silver DVD-R and DVD+R discs, and Gold Kodak brand discs too.

Also receive a 5% discount for the EZDigiMagic portable writer and accessories. Includes a bonus of 5 free Archive discs.

Get Started

Visit us at See the EZDigiMagic videos at

Your discount code for Archive Gold discs at our webstore is APPO at checkout.

Your discount code for the EZDigiMagic portable writer is EZAPPO at checkout.

Customized APPO discs: for assistance with your company’s logo placement, please contact Lora Swenson.

Customer Support

Sales: Lora Swenson
888-626-3472 ext 430
or 719-262-2430

Customer Service: Cydney Smoote
888-626-3472 ext 465
or 719-262-2465

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